The Way the Cookie Crumbles

For those of you that don't really know me, allow me to introduce myself: I'm Jennie Bobert, mother to an incredible little girl and founder of Bites of Luv, a healthier treat brand I started 10 years ago this month. I have always had a passion for writing but it has typically been something I only allowed myself to give attention to when there was "extra" time, which I'm sure any of you moms know is something that just doesn't exist, especially if you are a solo parent as I am. 
In doing some recent work on developing myself both personally and professionally I discovered the potential value of using blogs as a means to further nurture those already special customer relationships. Initially, I thought this would only mean more work to have to carve out time for. Time that could potentially take away from all the other things piling up on those lists haunting me in the notes section of my phone (you know those!). However, the more I considered this idea, I realized what a gift it could be to merge my great love of writing, the joy (and terror) of raising a tiny human, and my experience as an entrepreneur.  Using a platform like this grants me an opportunity to nourish the connection with my current audience while expanding my reach.
So thank you for joining me in this experiment, I'm grateful to have you all here! The Way the Cookie Crumbles will be weekly excerpts and antidotes about life, parenting and running a business.
Although I didn't anticipate this being the subject of my first letter, I do feel addressing the elephant in the room is an important place to start. I wanted to take the time to acknowledge that it is a difficult moment for many right now. Whether it's feeling the pain of tragedies on the other side of the world, or feeling the fear and uncertainty of what's happening close to home. It's not easy being a sensitive human right now and I would like to be the first to admit I've definitely been struggling to find a balance in the midst of it all. I want to stay informed but the news is triggering. I want to utilize social media to stay connected to friends, especially those that are hurting but the hatred and divide is unbearable to witness. I want to show up everyday for my daughter with a brave face and smile but some days it just feels impossible. If you can relate to any of these you are in good company. It's pretty incredible how strong we can be, especially as moms, our resilience and ability to show up and do precisely what needs to be done time and time again, is nothing short of miraculous. We, as loving parents of the future generations, will come together to create a positive shift. I am certain of this.
I would love to recommend a few things that have given me some peace of mind lately:
 -Getting together regularly with friends or other moms. Maybe it's a playdate,   maybe a group coffee session or wine night. It's important to feel a sense of community in difficult times, we are NEVER alone in what we are experiencing.
-Exercise is a huge stress reliever. Even just a nice walk in nature, the fresh air and the movement is a great combination. If you like to get your heart rate up I've found so many fabulous free workouts on YouTube that fit every skill level, activity and schedule.
-I have also recently discovered the local city libraries have apps available to download and listen to audiobooks for FREE! This has been a huge find for me, especially when I have a lot of tedious work to do. I love the accompaniment of a good book at home or on the road. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a fiction thriller to totally tap out and other times I use the opportunity to find some self help or parenting options. Download Hoopla app and see if it's linked to your local library!
-Lastly, making some extra time and even small efforts to connect more with your child. Some even call it a “YES” day, but the point is to go outside of the normal interactions. For example, last night when my daughter asked me to play barbies, instead of the usual excuse that I had to clean up from dinner, I stopped everything I was doing and joined her without hesitation to play for the next 20 minutes. I won't soon forget the joy on her face when all I did was say “yes”, those dishes were just fine in the sink until she was asleep!
I'd like to close out this first note to my friends, followers and hopefully soon to be new fans, with my sincere gratitude for lending me your eyes and ears. I had no idea how this first attempt would unfold but the one thing you will never NOT get from me is authenticity. Sending love and light to you all. I'm excited to meet you here again soon!


  • I met you at Expo West, I ate so many samples and they are so amazing. Shared them with my family and friends and they all love your products.

    Andrea Hawkinson
  • Beautifully written

  • This was beautiful! Looking forward to reading more each week! XO!

  • Love you friend. This is amazing! 👏

  • Love you!! Yay and well done!!!!


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