Bites of Luv products are made with Luv in Venice, California. You can find us at these locations.

LA Area:

Erewhon Market (all locations)
Fala Bar (all locations)
Locali (all locations)
Follow Your Heart (Canoga Park)
The Fruit Gallery (all locations)
Jackson Market (Culver City)
The Green Store (Hermosa beach)
Local Coffee (Santa Monica)

Bob's Market (Santa Monica)
Mrs. Winstons (all locations)
Vicente Foods (Brentwood)
Grassroots Market (Pasadena)
Urban Radish
The Harvest Bar
Rainbow Acres (both locations)
Om Nom Organics (all locations)
PC Greens (Malibu)

John's Garden (Malibu)
Laurel Canyon Country Store
Juicy Ladies
Earthbar Brentwood
Alchemy Juice Lab

Real RawJuice Bar (Los Feliz)

Full O Life (Burbankl)

Lassens (All Locations)


Santa Barbara Area:

Pacific Health Food (Carpenteria)

Rainbow Bridge (Ojai)

Isla Vista Coop (UCSB)


Other Locations:

New Leaf Community Markets (Bay Area)

Hillcrest Commmunity Accupuncture (San Diego)

Nature's Health Food (Palm Springs)